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Things You Need to Know When Your Child Has Gastroenteritis

What is Gastroenteritis? “Gastro” means stomach. “Entero” means intestine, both large and small. “-itis” means inflammation. Therefore, Gastroenteritis is an inflammation and irritation of the intestines, large and/ or small. The inflammation happens in the inner lining of the intestinal lumen. “Lumen” means opening. The cause of the inflammation is generally either viral or bacterial.

How to Plan for Your Prenatal Visit with Your Pediatrician

Whether this is your first or third pregnancy, there are a lot of decisions to make before your baby arrives. One of the important things to consider during your third trimester is finding a pediatrician for your new baby. We meet with expectant mothers every week and it is one of our favorite ways to

Do babies need to drink water? A pediatrician answers the question of how to keep your baby hydrated in the hot summer months.

Do Babies Need to Drink Water?

Do babies need to drink water? We live in Florida, where the heat and humidity are high and we are reminded daily of the importance to stay hydrated. You may have well-meaning grandparents or friends encourage you to give your baby water during the hot summer days. However, giving your baby straight water may cause

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