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Whether this is your first or third pregnancy, there are a lot of decisions to make before your baby arrives. One of the important things to consider during your third trimester is finding a pediatrician for your new baby.
We meet with expectant mothers every week and it is one of our favorite ways to connect with new patients. The prenatal meetings are as much for you to get to know us, as it is for you to get baby-related questions answers.
We hope our tips and advice on how to find the perfect pediatrician for your baby are helpful.

Things to consider when looking for a pediatrician:

  1. Recommendations from friends, relatives, colleagues or local mom’s groups.
  2. The pediatrician’s office location in comparison to your home, childcare or work.
  3. Get information about the pediatrician and the practice.
    1. Read about their credentials and areas of expertise.
    2. What are their office hours and after-hours coverage.
    3. Do they take your insurance?
    4. Read online reviews.
    5. Is their website and social media a source for quality parenting and health information?
  4. Is it a sole practitioner or a large office with several practitioners? (It’s personal preference whether you prefer one over another.)
Once you have narrowed your search, call the office to schedule your prenatal appointment. This meeting should take place in your third trimester. Before meeting with the pediatrician, prepare a list of questions and topics to discuss. Remember, any question you have is appropriate and important.
It is imperative that you feel comfortable with your baby’s pediatrician and you trust their advice and experience. Your pediatrician will, over the years, see your child through various childhood ailments and developmental milestones. You need to have a high level of comfort with their professional opinion.
Here are a few examples and ideas of what you can ask the pediatrician during your prenatal appointment. Remember, this is a great opportunity to learn more about what to expect during the first few weeks and months of your baby’s life, as you adjust to your new role as a parent.

Ideas for topics to discuss during your prenatal appointment:

  1. Does the pediatrician have privileges at the hospital where you plan on giving birth?
    1. What is their procedure with home births or deliveries at hospitals they are not affiliated with, if this is applicable to you.
  2. What is the office policy with regard to vaccines.
    1. This is a great opportunity to ask in-depth questions about vaccines and what, if any side effects you may expect.
  3. What is the pediatrician’s opinion on whether or not to circumcise?
  4. Ask any questions you may have relating to breastfeeding or formula feeding.
  5. General newborn care questions.
  6. How to introduce your pet and the newborn.
  7. How to protect an infant from germ-exposure from visitors and the general public.
  8. What’s the best way to reach the on-call pediatrician after hours.
  9. What constitutes a medical emergency? When can a call wait until the next business day?
  10. Postpartum depression: signs to watch for, how it may affect the baby and when you should seek help.
Please prepare for your prenatal appointment by writing down your questions, topics for us to discuss and remember, you are welcome to bring your partner or a friend along. As part of your prenatal appointment, we give you a copy of the infant care handbook: “Heading Home With Your Newborn.” This book has been a reliable source for information for our patient families for years.
We look forward to meeting you and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to be one of your family’s trusted medical professionals.

Dr. Nagaraj Gowda 

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